Though there are a few of them who propose to men habitually, many of the ladies use the same tricks to attract men. These are some of the tricks ladies employed:

1. Makeup: Indeed it does wonder in transforming an ordinary woman into a beauty. If a girl knows how to use this art, most likely, you have never seen her real face. You may not even know her without the makeup. And she invests time and money in her great looks too. However, some girls naturally overdo it and attain just the opposite effect. Still, she tries to hard you and that counts.

2. Short Skirts: Men love to look and see hotties. Women skillfully capitalise on this weakness to make you watch them and think of them all the time. So, if the girl starts wearing shorter outfits when she meets you, beware, she likes you!

3. High Heels: These make her feet look so much sexier, but wearing them may hurt. So, even if you have to pay for the date, keep in mind, she pays her price to look her best for you.

4. Tone Of Voice: It becomes so velvety, low and sexy. She got those tones saved for her very special occasions and men. Do not think she would waste them for someone she is not into.

5. Sexy Lingerie: You can see it from under her clothes. Even if she does not plan on having sex with you right away, these lovely items on her body boost her self-confidence. She feels differently wearing a nice and hot lingerie when talking to you.

6. Her Hair: Want a bet? If she undoes all the makeup and hair, you won’t even know who she is. Some girls use hair extensions and other tricks to fool the men and get them hooked. Again such things are time-consuming and costly, but they always pay off.

7. Her Personality: A self-confident girl shines like a star in the sky. Even when she does not wear any makeup or high heels, she captures men’s glances and attracts suitors. So, if she is open to you and you have fun being around her, most likely she is into you and wants you to respond back to her efforts.

Knowing these seven tricks can help you spot an opportunity for dating and love. Be conscious and self-perceptive.