Young and beautiful, Oluwatosin Faith Kolawole, unveiled a landslide project which she themed Teens meet online. According to her, it is a platform that believes there is so much to learn, as teenagers, than what the world expect them to know. The project is believed to tackle distinct issues accruing to teenagers, which include juvenile delinquency, diffidence and low self-esteem. In her own word, she said:

I’ve come across teenagers who just want to follow the normal trend of life, ignorant of how much impact they can be to different fields, and the amazing things they are yet to do; teenagers who haven’t found purpose. To some, the teenage life means to have fun, be liable to mistakes, have a taste of what’s trending, finish high school and get into college/university, and to some, marriage is the greatest achievement ever.

On the other hand, I’ve come across teenagers who are doing things; finding purpose; making impacts; touching lives; becoming entrepreneurs; reaching for greater heights; successful!

And oh! I won’t forget the struggling ones; teenagers who get easily weighed down by circumstances, as not everyone have a smooth life. This could force them into unfortunate things, like: mixing up with wrong peers, doing dirty/compulsory jobs to survive, getting maltreated by other humans, facing scorn/shame constantly, failing repeatedly and consistently in academics, etc. All these are enough to discourage one from pursuing purpose or doing anything sensible in life.

This won’t be restricted to the meet of teenagers online for productive efforts only, it is also geared towards visiting schools, organisations, rummaging streets and other outlets to extend the benefits of the organisation to all so as to serve as a refuge for every teenager.

Get to know more about this wonderful innovation whose sole aim is to connect and beautify teenagers, by visiting:
Teens Meet Online

Oluwatosin Faith Kolawole, CEO of Teens Meet Online.