(to manifestoes)

A whirlwind strode this runnel
Rippling whirligig as its cataphora ripples
Furrowing canal’s current as its paddles
Whirling blue-wave faces of the seas
As its tide-lines.

Even the celestials seemed to jolt
The tributaries to massive flows
With its cloudburst of chameleon tongues
And its gramophone, mudskipper plops bubbles
On the stillness face of the runnel
And boisterous furrows pledge trail
Leaving the straggles to sulkiness

The sail is set with arousing furrows
Spurring currents behind the sail
It whistles windstorms on hisses lips
Turning the stilled mud bed in whirlpools
It twirls the runnel depth in quizzical waves
Whirling inquisitive current furrows
It telegraphs sirocco on an European media
And so it whirls and swirls dry windstorms
On the stale face of the cold gelatinous runnel
So it films rising gorges and yet gorging
In whirling riven circles.

About the writer:
Bolaji Akinwande Akintola is a Nigerian poet and an avid reader. He sees his writing muse in different reflections of life. His works have been featured on poetry corners of online magazines like TUCK Magazine, The Village Thinker, and others. He lives and writes in Lagos.