Broom of change — swept away
the umbrella of corrupted saints,
power was swallowed
by the frightened dragon of change.

Our soul danced gallantly,
to the melody of bomb blast,
when Shekarau and his juju band, banged the drum of insurgency with bias.
Glittering skins burnt into ashes, while handling them over to the ghost;
Chibok queens hope of returning, had been flattered since they were eloped.

Our naira fell, from high pinnacle of value,
paralysing our economy; standing stagnant like a statue.
Kobo folded her arms,
watching her bossom friend being murdered by looters,
who hate the tales of one naira, equates one dollar

Subsidy stolen away, like the pride of an unripe virginity,
century of naira, now birth a litre of petrol;
workers striking the government, with the thunder of strike,
when their daily sweat,
can no longer provide for them, their daily bread.

This change,
is not more the change they preached for us,
when we still have in our voting thumbs
their destiny and fortune.
They promised us coldness during sun,
and now we’re sweating under the shield of harmattan.

This change is a cane,
lashing our buttocks everyday.
This change is a nail,
nailing our economy to the crucifix of pontius pilate.
This change is a metaphor of vain;
the promises conveyed in the change, have changed.

About the writer:
Oki Kehinde Julius is a Nigerian writer and a prophet of God’s words from Ondo state. Okilux, as he is fondly called, is an award winning poet, who has won laurels in poetry including the Paragon Poet of the Year Award 2015 and CWAN End of the Year Award. He is currently the national secretary of World Union OF Poets (Nigeria Chapter) and the Ondo/Ekiti state-coordinator of Chrysolite Writers of Nigeria.

Contact: +2348136467042