African people are very superstitious, so the superstitions in Africa, usually, is a part of everyday life. This is a list of some African superstitions:

1. When you dream of fish, someone is pregnant.


A typical African believes to dream of swimming fish often signifies pregnancy for the dreamer or for someone the dreamer has a close relationship with. A common belief is that newly pregnant women dream of fish at the same time the womb begins to gather amniotic fluid. Fish dreams can also appear prior to conception.

2. Pregnant women must not go to the zoo.


While some believe a visit to the zoo by a pregnant woman will cause listeria, others harbour the myth of an ugly baby caused by merely looking at gorillas, monkeys and chimpanzees. The aggressiveness, immodesty and impurity of some animals in the zoo also is believed to affect the life of an unborn baby.

3. When your hand is itching, you’ll have money.


There’s an old superstition that when your palms itch it means money. An itching left palm means money to be paid out, therefore, in this case, you must scratch it very quickly to stop that from coming true – no one likes to give money, especially for no reason; while an itching right palm is money coming in. And another says, to stop the left palm from itching, the victim should rub the palm on a piece of wood.

4. When you’re walking with someone, never let anything come between you.


This superstition is inherent to an average African. It is believed when you walk with a friend or a close relative and a tree, a pillar, a sign or another person comes between you and your friend or your relative, there is every tendency of you experiencing ill-luck as you don’t know what the person or object has been ill-fated to do by coming in-between you both.

5. When your ears ring, someone mentioned you.


If your left ear rings, it means someone is saying nice things about you, but if you have a ringing in your right ear, someone is speaking badly of you; call out the names of all whom you suspect and when the ringing stops at the utterance of a certain name, you know who the party is.