I crept into her dreams
Through the alley of her nose
There were thorns
There were shrubs
There was light at the end
The light of every morning

Her shadow strolled motionless
Around her sleeping head
Watching her melodrama
Reading screenplays of her dream
Singing the song she sang
And writing them down

No one sees us when we dream
But there is one who never sleeps
The witch called shadow
A living picture in the day
A silent watchman in the night
The devil who tells our sins to God

Tales don’t ever tell themselves
There must be the old men
Whose mouths have no brakes
Dreams don’t tell themselves either
There must be a silent witness
The shadow that never sleeps

About the writer:
Micheal Ace is a poet and writer from Osun State, Nigeria. He began writing in the year 2012, starting with essays and articles. He is currently the Vice-President of World Union of Poets, Nigeria Chapter. He is also the founder and administrator of ACEworld.